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2022 Junior Football Rules & Regulations

To download the Final Versions of 2022 WAFC Junior Football Rules and Regulations, policies and the different age and gender specific competition rules, please click on the relevant links below.

A Presidents Edition, containing every document listed below, can be downloaded here.

To download a copy of Sections 1 to 4 & Policies 1 to 23 (this is exclusive of individual age groups' Competition Rules), click here.

Please note - the 2022 Final version is watermarked 2022 Final Version in the bottom left corner of each page.

The following document outlines minor updates included to the Final Version. These changes have been made to the copies listed below and are marked as updates. If you have downloaded a version before this date, please print this page and include with your records. Updates - 24.March.2022

2022 Rules & Regulations Section 1 to 4     

                                WAFC POL.10A – Team Selections & Nominations
                                WAFC POL.10B – Colours & Team Uniform
                                WAFC POL.10C – Fixtures
                                WAFC POL.10D – Transfers & Permits
                                WAFC POL.10E – Results, Premiership Points & E-Points
                                WAFC POL.10F – Match Forfeits
                                WAFC POL.10G – Awards
                                WAFC POL.14A – Umpire Fees
                                WAFC POL.14B – Match Day Paperwork
                                WAFC POL.14C – Umpire Handshake Policy
                                WAFC POL.15A – Ground Preparation
                                WAFC POL.15B – Team Sheets
                                WAFC POL.15C – Match Duration
                                WAFC POL.15D – Game Day Player Even Up
                                WAFC POL.15E – Send Off Rule
                                WAFC POL.15F – Removal of Players from the Arena
                                WAFC POL.15G – Ground Encroachment
                                WAFC POL.15H – Match Ball Policy
                                WAFC POL.15I – Stretcher Policy
                                WAFC POL.15J – Blood Rule
                                WAFC POL.19A – RED FLAG – Game Day Environment
                                WAFC POL.19B – True Sport Administrators & Volunteers Code of Conduct
                                WAFC POL.19C – True Sport Coaches Code of Conduct
                                WAFC POL.19D – True Sport Parents & Spectators Code of Conduct
                                WAFC POL.19E – True Sport Players Code of Conduct
                                WAFC POL.19F – True Sport Runner Code of Conduct
                                WAFC POL.19G – True Sport Umpires Code of Conduct

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